FILTERMAT has implemented a new self cleaning filter model (scraped surface design). This one can be used as part of many industrial segments. It can handle flow rates from 2 to 500 m³/h with micron ratings included between 50 and 2000 µm.
Most common applications do concern water treatment process, but they can be enlarged as well to viscous fluids (up to 16000 cP) as sugar syrups, oils, resins, ... .
The SCFJY filter is operational on liquids with high solids content. Let us quote this success story concerning a food & beverage plant wherein such a filter (equipped with internal brushes) is set up to clean up water loaded with carrots pulps (90 m³/h flow, 4 bar service pressure, 90°C service temperature, stainless steel construction).

FILTERMAT is now able to propose a wide range of self cleaning filters (internal scraped - or brushed - surface design). The purpose is to handle the filtration of viscous (or non viscous either) liquids with high solids contents. The filtering elements are made up from trapezoidal wires and the cleaning operation is ensured by a brush or a scraper in rotational motion.
In this specific case, the filtration is performed from the internal to the external side of the media; the solid impurities are stopped on the internal face of the metallic barrier. The release of the solids load is ensured with brushes arranged along a helicoidal rotary frame. These vessels can be equipped with an heating jacket and be supplied fully automatic (control of the drain operations and the differential pressure).
A filter for low and mean viscosity liquids (treatment of water, solvents, oil, resins, paint, molasses).  
Filtration grade  
50 µm to 2000 µm (20µm available with some models).  
Up to 100 bars according to PED2014/68/EU European Directive.  
Flow rate  
From 5 m³/h to 1000 m³/h and more on request  

- self cleaning system scraped or brushed in internal or external surface
- no interruption of flow or service
- exists in carbon steel, brass or stainless steel
- available with motor for continuous cleaning, cyclical flushing, differential gauge
- low maintenance

Working principle  

The liquid passes through a cylindrical metallic element, formed by a "V" cross-section continuous wire coiled around a series of cylindrically disposed support rods. The filtering media rotates in front of cleaners that clean the filtration surface. The solids fall to the bottom of the filter where they are removed by cyclical draining.

Click here for an example of a dimensional drawing (.pdf)  

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