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Topline filters

The best filter vessel for the most demanding applications

TOPLINE is the finest bag filter vessel available. From its high-performance design to its investment-cast components, everything about TOPLINE is simply the best. TOPLINE's side inlet, flow through the top design results in a minimum headroom of unfiltered liquid for easy bag changeout, as well as providing optimum sealing of the filter bag. Applications that require the installation of gauges, vents or pressurized air connections are easily accommodated by two 1/4" BSP threaded cover taps. TOPLINE's type 316 stainless steel construction means superior corrosion resistance and consistent performance, year after year. A smooth, bead blasted finish, coupled with TOPLINE's minimum weld design, makes it easy to completely clean the interior of the vessel.


Hinged cover

Hinged cover opens quickly and easily. Makes bag hangout easy.


Topline cutaway

  1. Over-the-top inlet for superior bag sealing with no by-pass. Cover design has minimum space above the bag for quicker, easier bag changing.
  2. Only two O-rings are required for a perfect seal with no bypass. Cover firmly seals and holds the filter bag in place.
  3. Precision investment cast design with only two welds. Vessel has a very smooth internal surface ... without pits or crevices to trap material. Cleaning is very easy and complete.
  Technical Data sheets
  TBF-0101/02-AD10-050D-11BOH (with heating jacket)


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