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Flowline filters

A versatile, cost effective vessel for heavy duty applications.

A FLOWLINE vessel from Hayward is the best choice for industrial, commercial and OEM applications that do not require a Code Stamp. Its cost-effective design incorporates all of the features heavy duty applications demand, including an investment cast swing bolt cover that can be adapted to different opening directions in the field and a quality stainless steel mesh restrainer basket for reduced pressure drop. FLOWLINE's stainless steel construction ensures years of trouble-free, consistent performance at a price comparable to that of carbon steel vessels. And in the future, if your process requirements change, an expensive upgrade from a carbon steel vessel can be avoided.



Flowline cutaway

  1. O-ring cover seal for no external leakage.
  2. Evacuation cover contacts the bag holddown ring for a 360°, zero bypass seal.
  3. Superior profile basket seal for no filtrate by-pass.
Flowline filter
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Swing eyebolt closure

Hinged cover with swing bolt closure opens and closes quickly – and adjusts to different opening directions.



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