Adjustable Height Bottom Configuration

Pleated bags FEZPL give up to 12 times the filtration that normal bags do. These pleated bags are easy to use. Also, when removing the dirty cartridge, the contamination does not wash or slide off. They are just like cartridge elements, provifing more surface area, thus giving more dirt-holding capacity. When you have a filter that requires frequent changing, pleated bags are the way to go.
The seams are not sewn, they are sonically welded, to prevent leakage or any contamination by-pass. The top sealing flange and the bottom flange are also sonically welded to the pleated cylinder.
This is a pleated filter bag made of polyester or polyester micro-fiber material. It has ultrasonic bonded polypropylene end caps. The bottom has an extended polypropylene end with a male, threaded bolt. Diamond shaped points at the bottom of the bolt (shown at left) are designed to insert into the perforated holes in the bottom of the filter bag basket.
The pleated filter bag can then be turned clockwise to adjust the height. When the filter is at the proper height, the top flange will be seated into the filter bag basket. This will insure the pleated filter bag bottom will sit securely into the basket bottom.

With the direction of the flow inside-out, all the pressure is pushing on the exterior walls and bottom of the pleated filter bag. Without the bolt configuration and the seat against the basket, the bottom seal would be broken rendering the filter useless and compromising the filtration and the health of the system.

Always remember, if the filtration breaks down, the system will break down !
Bag size
Std bag m²
Pleated bag m²

Other features include

  • micron ratings available are from 1 to 110 at 95% efficiency
  • three different top sealing flanges to fit your basket
  • available in the sizes 1 and 2
  • low pressure drop
  • available in micro fiber (polyester and polypropylene) and standard polyester and polyrpopylene
1) for bag size 1 (1,5 m²) performances take 2/3 of size 2 (2,3 m²) bag
2) max. working temperature 107°C
3) max. pressure difference up to 2 bar

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