Zentrifugalabscheider Zentrifugalabscheider


These new units provide a simple, low cost and continuously efficient method for eliminating air pollution at source with the minimum amount of maintenance.

Unlike expensive electrostatic or media filters these are :

  1. No plates to clean or expensive filter panels to replace
  2. No regular or frequent attention is required under normal operating conditions
  3. The filtration efficiency cannot deteriorate with use
Operating on the principle of centrifugal impacting, a drum fitted with impacting plates draws off the small aerosol particles and forces them to impact and coalesce, before being forcibly drained back to the machine. Both liquid and air are recycled without loss.
No one filter can handle mist, spray, dry smoke and swarf efficiently. Now the modular system offers the most effective combinations for filtering each pollutant.
This includes the self-cleaning mist filter, a high capacity dry smoke after filter and a chip separating pre-filter.

The units are easy and inexpensive to install. They are light, compact and may be fitted either on the machine itself or on a pedestal stand nearby.

Points to note :

  1. Open machines - a fishtail type of hood should be used fitted approx. 200 mm from the point of emission, care being taken to ensure liquid droplets and chips are not collected (approx. 13 m³/min per hood).
  2. Permanently enclosed machines require approx. 3 - 4,5 m³/min for every 0,1 m² of open area around the guard.
  3. Large well enclosed machines with frequent door opening may require 6-10 air changes/min. The siting of the extraction point is most important, because by careful consideration relatively small volumes of air may be used to obtain ample extraction effectiveness.
  4. Ducting should be kept as straight as possible and the drain hose should be taken to the sump of the machine for reuse. The end must not be submerged.

The perforated drum, open at one end, is directly driven by an electric motor. A blade arrangement in the drum's interior generates suction which draws the mist into the drum. Here the mist is impacted by the blades at velocities in excess of 50 meters per second. The small particles are forced to collide and coalesce before being thrown again by centrifugal force against the inner surface of the outer casing.

A suitably placed discharge duct ensures that the liquid collected is efficiently and continually drained away under pressure. The cleaned air is returned to the workshop. Four open pads are placed between the vanes. As the impacting velocity is constant, the high efficiency obtained is constant and will not deteriorate.
The units incorporate a vibration control feature and special slots are positioned at the roots of each vane to reduce the buildup of solid matter, such as grinding dust, swarf, etc., within the drum. As a result the unit continues to run with the minimum of vibration at operating speeds. These unique features make this the most maintenance-free equipment available.


Oil mist particles are generally considered to be in the 0,2 - 5,0 micron range. Although it is the larger particles which increase unwanted oil deposits within the factory, it is the smaller particles which provide the potential hazard to health. Particles above 3,5 microns are usually filtered out by the natural filters in the human system. Particles of 0,3 microns and below are thought to be exhaled. This leaves an important range which could be absorbed within the body and must be filtered by artificial means. It is for this reason that :

  1. These units provide high efficiency across this critical range. All mist particles above about 0,8 microns are removed, making it the most efficient mechanical filter available.
  2. These units maintain in their efficiency throughout their operating lives.
  3. Test show that on typical applications the efficiency of the unit is in excess of 96% rising to in excess of 99% with the after filter fitted.
  4. For dry smoke, very efficient low cost after filters are available, which, because of the high performance of the basic unit, have exceptionally long life (often exceeding 1 year) - providing often in excess of electrostatic units (efficiency 80% and 99,95% - 0,01 - 1,3 micron range).
Model SM30
Model SM10
Capacity m³/h
Motor 3 ph - 400 V
1,5 kW
0,55 kW
Inlet spigot mm
Noise level 1 m (dBa)
Weight kg
Drain tube size dia. mm
After filter HEPA


  • Hinged machine tool stand in stainless steel (recommended for easy maintenance)
  • T-pieces with airflow regulator (recommended for 100% airflow regulation)
  • After filters
    • for dry smoke
    • for odour (with active carbon)
  • Ducting, fishtails, Y-junctions, ...

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