Electrostatic filter ACFE1700

The ACFE1700 is designed for direct attachment to most machines and machining centres. It will remove the mist and fumes directly from the machine enclosure by means of a short suction hose, returning the recovered oil to the machine and protecting people, computers and machinery from airborne pollution.


(1) Wet separator removes droplets and large particles from the air stream, and ensures even ditribution across the whole filter
(2) Media pre-filter designed to arrest small particulate (EU4)
(3) Electrostatic 2 stage collector removes sub-micronic pollution such as smoke, mist, fumes, etc.
(4) Aluminium after filter safety screen



Attention is usually confined to routine cleaning of the filter components by means of steam, detergent etc. The inernal support tray can be completely removed to provide access to the sump.


All controls and mains isolator are located in a separate sealed compartment. The control lights are clearly displayed on the front panel and provide positive indication of the condition of the filter and its maintenance requirement.

Technical data

  • air volume 1700 m³/h
  • motor rating 510 W
  • noise level (±) 68 dB (A)
  • supply 400 V - 50 Hz - 3 ph
  • weight 80 kg

Finish : RAL 7035 (wide range of other colours available)

Built to CE standards



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