For fine filtration down to 3 microns
Unique filtration medium constructed of fine threads wound in layers around a grooved plastic spool cassette
Combines the advantages of surface and depth filtration
Compact design
Worldwide patents
Short payback

Some typical applications

  • drinking water removes cryptosporidium
  • effluent treatment
  • fine filtration for re-circulating water systems
  • reverse osmosis and membrane protection
  • side stream filtration for cooling towers
  • off-shore injection water
  • swimming pool filtration

How the thread filter MT33P works

The MT33P Thread filters remove dirt particles as water flows through the multi-layered thread cassettes (5) to the collecting pipe (3) and out of the filter via outlets (4). Dirt particles that accumulate on and in between the thread layers cause a pressure differential, and at a preset level or time interval, the control unit (6) activates the self-cleaning cycle :

The inlet and outlet valves (7,8) close, and the drain (9) and flushing valves (10) open.
The booster pump (11) delivers the pressurized water to the shuttle pipe (12). This pipe carries water to the nozzles (13) that spray the surface of each cassette row. The water spray, referred to as the flushing jet stream, penetrates the thread layers and hits the plastic support (14). The returning stream (referred to as the reject stream) together with the dirt from the cassette flows through the filter housing and out of the filter via the drain valve (9). The combined flushing jet and reject streams ensure 100% cleaning.
The piston assembly propels the linear movement of the nozzles. When the piston reaches the end of the cassette row, the nozzle turns the cassette package to begin the next stroke until the entire cassette package is clean.
When all rows have been cleaned, the flushing valve (10) and the drain (9) close. The inlet and outlet valves (7,8) open allowing water to flow through the filter and the booster pump (11) stops operating.

Specifications MT33P THREAD FILTER
Flow rate (per unit) 10 m³/h max.
Thread cassette 3 µ, 10 µ
Working pressure 0,2 to 10 barg
Pressure loss max. flow 0,2 barg
Flush cycle duration ± 2 minutes
Flush supply 12 m³/h at 8 to 9 bar
Flush logic delta-P or delta-T
Self cleaning mechanism High pressure spray nozzles
Max. working temperature 40°C
Media surface area 1 m²
Liquid velocity 10 m/h max.
Interchangeable cassette package Can be extracted without disconnecting the filter from the pipeline
Control Electronic with hydraulic or electronic with hydraulic and pneumatic
Inlet/outlet size 3"
Installation configuration Stand-alone or in a group
Inlet/outlet connection standards ASA 150, DIN, PN10
Wetted seals Natural and nitrile rubber
  Empty Full
Weight 170 kg 200 kg
Weight with accessoiries 210 kg 250 kg

Filtermat filters

Filtermat filters
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