Coalescer ACFC1700

Air/liquid coalescer
High efficiency filtration unit designed for the perfect control of emulsion mist and water vapour from high-speed machine tools, grinding operations, industrial washing machines, etc.
The ACFC1700 incorporates a high density pre-filter to remove solid particulate. The main filter cartridge consists of a long-life coalescer system with an efficiency of 99% that will arrest and agglomerate sub micronic mist. The resultant droplets will be discharged into the sump and can be returned to the process.
The ACFC1700 mistfilter is designed to be fitted directly onto machine tools. It is provided with a 2-position extract spigot to permit easy removal of the pollution.


  • capacity 1700 m³/h max.
  • motor rating 600 W
  • noise level 72 db(A)
  • voltage 400 V 50 Hz 3 ph
  • weight 55 kg
  • finish RAL 7035
Built to CE standards


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